Now Get an Instant Digital Policy While Buying Auto Insurance on Amazon Pay


Yes, you can get an instant digital policy while buying auto insurance on amazon pay. Amazon India has come again with yet another FunZone Quiz, and the first question is of Car & Protection Quiz. If you participate in this quiz and submit five right answers, you will enter the lucky draw and get a chance to get ₹20,000 Amazon Pay Balance. You can play and win some free prizes. In order to participate and find out the answers to the question, you are at the right place. Check the answers below and get a chance to win ₹20,000 Amazon Pay Balance

How To Play a Daily Amazon Quiz?

  • Sign up or register an account if you are a new user
  • Go to Menu & lookout for the word “Quiz” or “Fun Zone” on the left Menu
  • Menu <Programs & features < Fun Zone
  • Go down, and start playing the quiz
  • You would see five questions usually, sometimes it might be more as well.

You can also gain an instant digital policy when you buy auto insurance on Amazon Pay.

Find below the list of Questions & Answers to the Car & Bike Protection Quiz

Q1: One can get an instant digital policy while buying auto insurance on Amazon Pay.

Answer: True

Q2: Is it so that the Prime customers can save more on buying auto insurance on Amazon Pay.

Answer: True

Q3: Which amongst the ones have additional services related to auto insurance provided in the top 10 cities on purchase of auto insurance through Amazon Pay?

Answer: All of the above

Q4: What does NCB in auto insurance stand for?

Answer: No Claim Bonus

Q5: Zero Depreciation or Bumper to Bumper plan covers the full cost of replacement.

Answer: True

Amazon as a marketplace, an individual can say that electronics and fashion are dominating categories on Amazon India. Still, with Amazon Pay, the company is diversifying into other categories as well and expanding at the same time. One of the categories includes Auto Insurance, and that is the main theme of this quiz.

The contest is going to be live from April 14th to May 6th, 2021. There will be a total of 5 participants who will be selected as lucky winners by a lucky draw. The winners would be eligible to get Rs 20,000 as Amazon Pay balance. Then each winner can claim the prize, which will get delivered on or prior to May 31st, 2021.

To win this contest, you need to answer all of the questions correctly. We have provided the answers above themselves to help you get a chance to be in the lucky draw. Before entering the contest, you must be a legal resident of India to participate. Your age should be 18 years or more. It is of importance that you set your current country to India in your account settings.

The winner needs to provide validly and verified proof of identities like Voter ID, PAN card, Indian passport, or Driving License. If you or your immediate family are an Amazon employee or an affiliate, you are not eligible to play the contest. Amazon has the right to change the terms and conditions or cancel the contest whenever.

The Terms and Conditions of Car & Bike Protection Quiz

  1. The Contest will start on April 14th, 2021, from 12:00:00 AM (IST) till May 6th, 2021, 11:59:59 PM (IST)
  2. To be eligible for the contest, between the contest period, you are required to sign in or register from an account on Amazon. in
  3. As soon as you have signed in, you can participate by navigating through the Quiz page, where you will see five questions posted during the contest dates.
  4. After that, if you answer all the quiz questions correctly, you will get a chance to be in the lucky draw where it will be carried out amongst the participants whomsoever have answered the answers correctly
  5. The lucky draw will be carried out at the end of the contest, and 5 participants will be soon selected at random as winners of Rs. 20,000 as Amazon Pay balance
  6. The declared winner will get Rs. 20,000 as Amazon Pay balance each
  7. Each winner will get only one Rs. 20,000 as Amazon Pay balance each

Auto Insurance on Amazon Pay

Ways to purchase Auto Insurance

You can choose to buy or renew Auto insurance by following these given steps:

  • Select your car/bike
  • Enter the vehicle number.
  • Answer few asked questions
  • View online bike or care plans with affordable prices

Special discounts for Amazon Prime Customers

You can get amazing additional discounts for being Amazon Prime customers, which are offered to purchase motor vehicle insurance by Acko General Insurance Limited on the premium.

Payment of Insurance policy

So, you can use any of the following methods for buying your insurance policy:

  • Credit / Debit card
  • Net banking
  • Amazon Pay balance
  • UPI
  • EMI

Choosing the right Plan

We offer third-party liability only and shall be laid out to you in a comprehensive manner as your motor insurance plans for your car/bike. As per the Motor Vehicles Act, the automobiles on the road are mandatorily required to have insurance that covers the liability for the third party. You can ask your questions relating to your right insurance plan by calling 18002099915.

Details required for purchasing insurance

  • Now, you do not need to submit any physical/tangible documents to buy a car/bike insurance policy from Acko General Insurance.
  • You will only require to enter the correct details of your motor vehicle and previous insurance policy.
  • You can refer to the policy documents of your previous insurance policy for the policy expiry date.
  • Items of information can be obtained from your vehicle’s registration certificate (RC)

Opening an e-insurance account

EIA stands for “e-Insurance Account” or “Electronic Insurance Account.” This e-Insurance account gives a chance to view the account of the policyholder. You can create your insurance account in a few quick and easy steps:

  • Also, you must know that you are not required to submit any physical documents
  • View and manage insurance policies under a single account.
  • KYC documents are submitted, and EIA is opened. You are not required to purchase any new insurance policies for it.
  • Get all the changes auto-updated with a single click on your account, and it is for free.

You shall be required to choose one of the following insurance repositories for opening an account:

  • NSDL Database Management Limited
  • Central Insurance Repository Limited
  • Karvy Insurance Repository Limited
  • CAMS Repository and Services Limited

Step 1: Download any of the EIA opening forms of your preferred insurance repository.

Step 2: Fill the form completely and attach a self-attested copy of KYC documents as mentioned.

Step 3: One must Submit the forms along with the self-attested documents to your choice of insurance repository.

After completing these steps, login credentials shall be allotted to you, and you have successfully completed the process of opening e-IA

Changing information in your existing insurance

  • You can change information to your existing insurance by following these steps:
  • Log on to
  • On your insurance policy card
  • Then click on view details.
  • You will see the edit policy option
  • Click on edit policy then you can make changes to your insurance policy.

You can edit these details on your insurance policy account:

  • Your email id
  • Your start dates
  • Your engine numbers
  • Your chassis number
  • Your address
  • Add/Edit Nominee
  • Add/Edit your loan provider
  • Add/Edit passenger cover
  • Add PA Cover
  • Add/Edit Electrical Accessories
  • Edit the NCB and Update the new NCB value
  • Edit the IDV and Update the new IDV Value
  • Edit the variant
  • Update the new variant
  • Edit the model and variant

Also, you should receive a confirmation email with your updated insurance policy within 3-5 days. If you do not, then reach out to And then, you can also download a copy of the updated policy from Your Orders as you receive an updated version of your insurance policy in your mail by Acko.

Existing Insurance Policy transferred by Endorsement.

You can get your existing insurance policy transferred by passing by way of an endorsement. You shall be required to submit documents such as sale dwell, forms, and NCB recovery. Suppose you have any queries; you can write to Acko and contact them telephonically between 10 AM to 7 PM.

Acceptance and rejection of claim

The insurance policyholders benefit from claims, but that will be given if the Acko teams are satisfied with your claim. If your claim is rejected, they will clearly state the reason for rejection via email.

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