LIC Aadhar Shila (Plan No. 944)


One can characterize LIC’s Aadhar Shila Plan 944 as a non-linked insurance plan providing profits and a regular premium paying endowment plan. This plan involves both savings and protection to award you with the best possible combination.

LIC’s Aadhar Shila Plan 944 is fundamentally for female policyholders who possess Aadhar Cards, provided by the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIAI). The plan is established on Loyalty Addition; hence, any medical tests are redundant.

Features to take note of

Additionally, even during the maturity period, the plan provides financial aid to the families of the policyholders should he/she gets involved in a fatal accident. Granted that the policyholder endures the policy term, an assured fixed amount is paid at the time of maturity.

  • Low Premium Plan.
  • Exclusively for women.
  • Auto cover Facility.
  • If the demise occurs after five years, a supplementary Loyalty Addition will be provided, unlike a primary plan which will just pay the Basic Sum Assured.
  • Illness under critical conditions will not be covered under this plan.
  • After the completion of 3 years, loans can be generated.
  • Riders available will be LIC’s Accidental Rider and Disability Rider.
  • A lapsed policy can be renewed within two years from the first unpaid premium.
  • Paid Premiums and Maturity amount are excluded from income tax under Section 80(C) of the Income Tax Act.

Benefits under the Plan

  • After completing the year term, the total Maturity amount will be the sum of Basic Sum Assured and Loyalty Addition (LA). During and after the fulfilment of the Auto Cover Period under a paid-up policy, a ‘Maturity Paid-up Sum Assured’ amount will be provided to the Life Assured until the end of the policy. Additionally, a Loyalty Addition will also be liable if it is applicable. Hence, Maturity Paid-up Sum Assured = (Number of Premiums Paid/payable) x (Sum Assured on Maturity)

Death Benefits 

  • Demise occurred within the first five years of the policy; the claim will amount to 110% of the Basic Sum Assured. After five years of the policy and before maturity, the death claim will amount to 110% of Basic Sum Assured+ LA.
  • During Auto Cover Period under paid-up policy- the benefit will be paid after calculating unpaid premiums concerning the base policy with interest thereon to the date of death and any balance premium(s) for base policy due from the date of death and before the next policy.
  • After the Auto cover period is expired, a “Death Paid-up sum Assured” will be provided to the Life Assured until the policy’s end. Death Paid-up Sum Assured = (number of premiums paid/payable) x (Sum assured on death). Loyalty Addition will be applicable with the completion of 5 policy years.

Plan Parameters:

Gender Female
Age at entry 8 years
Maximum Age at Entry 55 years
Minimum term 10 years
Maximum term 20 years
Maximum Age at Maturity 70 years
Sum Assured Min- Rs. 75,000 Max- Rs. 3,00,000
Premium paying mode Yearly, Half-yearly, Quarterly and Monthly (SSS and NACH only
Premium Mode Rebate Yearly- 2%

Half-Yearly -1%

Quarterly and monthly- Nil

 Additional Benefits

Loyalty Addition- Applies when the full premium is paid off in the five years. Added at the time of exit during the term or maturity when the policy is in force.

Accidental Benefit Rider (Optional) – Eligible for policyholders above 18 years. The plan will provide an additional amount equal to but not more than the Basic Sum Assured.

Date of Commencement of Risk- Risk will commence immediately from the date of inception of the policy. Applicable to minors.

Revival- An additional two years is provided as a revival if the policyholder fails to pay the premiums by the end of the grace period causing the policy to lapse. The policy can be renewed after paying the premiums along with the interests at a given rate.

Paid-up value – After the policy lapses, the benefits will be ceased if it isn’t renewed within three years. If the premiums are paid, but any subsequent payment is left, the policy will continue as a paid-up policy. The auto cover period will be applicable under the plan.


1) What is the Shila check period? 

The Shila check period is a grace period of a minimum of one month for paying yearly, half-yearly or quarterly premiums and 15 days for monthly premiums.

2) How can I check my LIC policy if I haven’t registered? 

Users can get their LIC details by sending an SMS to 56767877 and following the descriptions.

3) What benefits can I get through Surrender Value? 

When the policyholder pays her premiums for three consecutive years without fail, then s/he can surrender the policy anytime wherein LIC will pay a Surrender Value equal to or higher than the Granted Surrender Value Special Surrender Value after.

4) How to check LIC policy online?

Step1- Go to the official LIC website, fill in your details and log in to your account.

Step2- Click on ‘View Enrolled Policy’

5) How long is a LIC policy? 

LIC offers plans for a term of 5 years. Under-five years, the public

LIC offers group insurance, Microinsurance, and Retirement plan.

6) What are the exclusions under Aadhar Shila Policy? 

If the policy is in force and the policyholder commits suicide within the first 12 months from the start of the risk, the company isn’t compelled to take the claim and return 80% of the premiums paid.

7) Which banks are allowed to collect LIC premiums through net banking/phone?

HDFC Bank, Citibank, Bank of Punjab, Federal Bank, UTI Bank, Corporation Bank, and ICICI Bank

8) What benefits can I get under Loyalty Addition? 

If the policyholder completes her tenure of 5 years and meets an unfortunate demise, the assured get a loyalty addition equal to the basic sum addition at maturity.

9) Is there any charge to avail of this plan?

To avail of the plan, the policyholders do not need to pay anything. The transaction will be occurring monthly or as per the plan, but there will be no cost in availing of this facility

10)  How do I pay insurance premiums through service providers? 

  • Log in to the service providers website.
  • Signify the date when you want the money to be debited from your account. When you have multiple bank accounts, specify the one you want.
  • The bank will debit your account and send the consolidated amount to LIC by banker’s cheque or pay the order.
  • The service provider will send instructions to the bank mentioned in the mandated form. The bank will debit your account and credit it to the service provider, who will give the amount to LIC.

11) Does LIC has Other Policies?

Yes, they provide other policies as well, checkout for more details.

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